Writing is a Jealous Lover new cover wit

A book about never letting your talents go to waste--and getting back your lost passions.

A book about staring fear in the face and saying "outta my way fear--I'm doing this! 

From His Recent Book:

"Writing Is A Jealous Lover," says...


I gave you something once, and for years you've pissed it away, Writing began. I planted a talent in you because of my feelings for you, because of what I believed you could do what we could do together. I planted something in you for greater than pure intelligence or tactile ability or educational know-how, I planted in your soil of possibility the one thing many lack- DESIRE.


Just when you want to snicker "what a know-it-all." Instead, you say, 'thanks for sharing all you know with me!' And that's what's amazing about this guy--he shares, and shares, and shares... (And your life get's that much better for it.) 

Anonymous--on purpose,


Randy has been an inspiration to the growth of my entrepreneurial endeavors. He is insightful, full of ideas, and definitely gets the creative juices flowing. 

Adriane Johnson,
Owner | Creative Director of Rebellious Creatives Web Design


A book about getting your walk on with God and overcoming the enemy's traps.

A book about conversations designed to help our boys become the men they deserve to be.

An anthology of stories to show you that YOU and your life are the best sources of material to share with the world. Enjoy!




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