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IMAGINE THIS: You now read with the intention of making everything you find pay you for your time. Books become little gold mines waiting for you to pick in the right spot--then turn what you read into buckets of cash. Here I have reviewed and come up with nuggets of my own...but with your tools and imagination maybe you can dig deeper, find more, and create amazing things. So I ask: Can this book make YOU buck$ 


Your job has ended and it was your WHOLE LIFE. It paid your bills and gave you the identity that all your years on this earth led to. NOW IT'S GONE. What now? In this book Jay Samit says this " If you are struggling in life to get a job, or you are ready to make a career transition, all you need to do is target the link ripest for disruption" (p.58). I translate that to mean something in your life may be missing or being overlooked. and it is THAT thing that is where you need to dig for gold. Find it. Dig. and come of with your buckets of opportunity and possibility. dig for your talent. Dig for your skills. Dig and find a new way of life. Now get out your pick and shovels, grab the book a see how much you can come up with yourself. Click on the pic to learn more.