GETTING BETTER--BY GETTING GOING (and earning some buck$ to boot)

So I finished it...changed in the process--and found some nuggets of gold to increase my income.

Big deal you say?

Well, the big deal is that nowadays we don't have a lot of time to do much of anything but work, pay the bills, eek out a state-side vacation (if we're lucky), go to a movie or two, binge watched a ton of stuff on Netflix--then repeat.

Reading a book? I don't think so, bro.

But what if the book helped you think in ways that helped you think of ways to earn a few bucks?

Now that would make reading great again. And that's what happened when I read Disrupt You.

Full disclaimer: I'm an amazon associate and love love bringing new ideas and ways to earn to you. See my full disclaimer here. LINK THIS TO A FULL DISCLAIMER PAGE

Here are a couple of nuggets the author left behind....Pg. 58

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