"Hey Entrepreneur"--This little house is calling your name

So there you are working away in the "home" office--and not getting a damn thing done. Maybe in the middle of your "time block" you decide to go wash the dishes. Or put on a load of clothes. Or maybe take a nap...Either way you have now successfully gotten a who lot of nothing done. Bravo.

BUT WHAT WOULD HAPPEN if you had a nice little Get-Er-Done spot of your very own--one close to the house, but not so close that you'd want to leave it do the dishes, or clothes, or goodness forbid, take a nap?

Now you can have all the convenience of home and the pleasure of a REAL HOME OFFICE.

YEP. Your very own He-Shed/She-Shed.

Now I've done the math. At under eight grand, this costs less than renting an office to get your work done. In no time you can even have this beauty up and going and be creating your next new whatever...A book perhaps, or the business you've always wanted to start.

Or maybe you just need a little get away that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

This little house that could is calling all entrepreneurs--and get this: IT CAN BE BUILT IN A WEEKEND. (Probably less, but let's assume beer and wine are involved.)

YEP the kit comes with easy to follow instructions. So easy that you can have it up and livable in a few short hours.

BUT I'LL DO YOU ONE BETTER. If you buy it from this link, I'll come and help you put it together. (Limited to the greater West Michigan area.)

While I've been known the swing an hammer or two, I'm no carpenter by trade. Still, by investing in this home away from home, you can get the convenience of having a little vacation get away--just a few feet away--from home.

Can you hear it calling you now too?

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